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Websites today, especially blogs, rely heavily on social proof, and online content syndication will help you take full advantage of the explosion in social media.

Even the largest of companies are turning to social media to reach their target market. For those of s who do not already have a widely known brand presence, social media and search engines are our life's blood.  An online content syndication ring will tie Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing together into a powerful force that can drive traffic at will.

A series of intersecting content syndication rings (also known as tribes) is the ideal for generating lots of social proof for your site. You can create content syndication rings by being highly active on sites like Digg and stumbleupon. Build connections by visiting profiles and liking what they post. Eventually, you can grow a large following so that what you post gets a lot of hits and social proof. This, however, is time consuming. I have an audio training on exactly how to do this. Email me and I will send it to you.  While you are busy building these rings, there are other options where you can start getting social backlinks immediately. These are the focus of this page.

The following sites are all free to join. Most, if not all have an upgrade option, but even the free versions work great when you combine them. You may already use some of these. If so, you will really enjoy the benefits of adding the others. The goal is to start getting hundreds of shares on your content every day. If you blog daily, imagine every post being shared 200, 300 times or more. If you use the following tools, you won't have to imagine. You will have a good start to your own content syndication ring

This is a good place to start, especially if you are new to the concept of content syndication. Syndication elation is a Facebook group that I created, and with the help of a few friends, it has started getting some good results. The concept is simple. Post your blog post, articles, videos or any other content you create to the group wall. Other members will read and share it on twitter, digg, stumbleupon and others. You, in turn, should pick out a few other posts in the group and do the same for them. If you want a good place to start learning more about content syndication, you should start with this group.

Another benefit to this group, that you won't get at these other places, is personal interaction. Besides the benefit of content syndication, we have all become friends here and look forward to having you become part of the family. We mastermind and help each other whenever we can and offer feedback in posts regularly. I will also be posting in the group when I update this list.

I have been using this service for quite a while now and it is the easiest automated content syndication program out there. It is stable and reliable as well as super simple to use. Like with the others below, you have to set up your accounts, but once that is done, it takes very little time to use. Log in each morning, click "Quick Share", then click "Share All". That's it, you just earned your 5 credits for the day. There is also a brand new feature. You can now tweet pages from the queue to earn more credits. Hover over the "Quick Share" button and a "Quick Tweet" button will pop up under it. Click it then "Tweet All" and you have earned even more credits. How many credits is based on your number of twitter followers. The amount of credits deucted when your site is tweeted is determined by how many followers that person has.

Socialmonkee is another super easy system to use. Here, there are no credits. You put in the info for the page to promote , submit it, and you're done, instant content syndication. It will automatically be submitted to 25 sites for you once per day. This is probably the easiest 25 daily backlinks you can get. The really cool part is, there are two options to become a premium member. You can pay a one time fee OR simply refer 12 members and you will be upgraded automatically. I did this some time ago, and the upgrade is well worth the effort. As a premium member, you can submit 3 times a day to 100 sites and have your submission spaced out over the course of 2 or up to 10 days. This brings those links in over time which looks more natural.

Synnd is one I have only recently learned about and started using. It came highly recommended by one of my mentors. The great thing is, synnd is a ompletely automated content syndication program. Once you set up the bookmarking and social sites, then get the software installed, all you have to do is add your links you want to promote. The rest of the process is done for you.

Tribber is a new site that is just starting to get going well. The admin team is great and they work constantly to improve the site. This is an invitation only site. You cannot just go sign up. Someone has to invite you to their tribe. To get an invitation, join the Syndication Elation group on Facebook and check the docs listed on the right hand side of the page. You will find instructions here on how to get your invitation then be able to invite others as well.

While this site has a few issues, and recent changes have made it more difficult for free members to benefit from it, it can still work quite well if you work at it. The trick is to find other free members to connect with and share each others content. I have a recorded training call on this site for anyone who would like to learn more about bulding a content syndication ring here.

This tool is a little different. It is not a place to syndicate per say. This is a tool to make your bookmarking submissions easier. When you want to share content, you can use this program to automate the process. Simply add the info, such as title, url and tags, to the related fields and it will submit to the services you have designated. Keep in mind that you are submitting to your accounts here. The other services listed above are for other people to submit your content to their accounts.

Coming soon:
I am currently reviewing two more content syndicationprograms as well as a powerful social media management tool that is completely free. I hope to be able to add really soon. Subscribe to my RSS feed to get my posts delivered to your favorite reader. I will create a post when I add to this page.

Content Syndication Ring - Social Proof

Content Syndication Ring - Social Proof

Content Syndication Ring - Social Proof

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