Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big MLM Tip: Emotions in Marketing


Surely you have heard the expression "sex sellls". This is a true statement, but does not tell the whole story. The rest of that story is, " Emotions sell, and sexual attraction is one of the strongest emotions, therefore sells best". Of course, that's a bit long winded in comparison. 

Emotions sell. Some focus on positive emotions like love, sexual desire, the desire to fit in. Others play on our fears, usually covertly, but not always. Many simply try to play to the emotion of humor. 

An effective marketing campaign must include an emotional aspect. This is the only way to reach where you really want with your prospective customer, their subconscious. In the same way that we emotionalize our seft talk for effective autosuggestion (see the chapter on Auto Suggestion from "Think and Grow Rich"), so too can seeds be planted into the mind of your audience. We are all subjected to this every time we watch TV or listen to the radio, or even view most websites. 

Take a look at the examples below. These are some exaggerated examples, but it gets the point across.

I can hear all the germophobes squirming in your seats. This is obviously playing to a particular fear. My hands actually felt dirtier after watching this.

Now let's contrast this with something inspiring. This one taps into our inner emotions of self worth, and is one of the most powerful messages I have heard in my lifetime.

How is that for contrast? one video plays on your fears while the other tries to combat the fear of failure. Sadly, often times the marketing efforts with a negative connotation have the bigger impact. Don't believe me, wait until the next political cycle and watch a few campaign ads. 

I wanted to add some online advertising as examples, but that posed another problem. Either it would sound like a sales pitch on my part, or I'd have to show soemthing that I cannot condone. Either way, I decided to stay clear of that for this post.

So, are you ready to take this concept and run with it in your marketing efforts? Maybe you'll want to mix it up some to see which works best for you? I'd love to hear about your results, or results you ahve already experienced, in the comments section below.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big MLM Tip: Marketing Venues: Free Options

My last post discussed some of the paid methods of advertising online. This time we want to look at free methods. When I say free, that does not mean there will be no cost, just no monetary cost. There will almost always be a cost involved, usually in time. 

As I have been working on planning this post, I realized that there is no way I could possibly cover this topic adequately in a single post. So, today we will cover an overview of free advertising methods. The plan is to do a weekly segment here at Bill's BIG mlm Blog on free, or very low cost, forms of advertising. You won't want to miss these. Subscribe to my RSS Feed to be sure you get all the updates. 

For today, let us simply mention a few of the methods by which you can market yourself online for free. The options here are really only limited by your imagination. Take social media for example. The possibilities are truly endless. With groups. Pages, hanghouts, events, private messages, chats, group chats and others at your disposal, all you need is to get creative. 

I use social media as an example because that is the medium I use most, but many other options are available.
A lot of people are using classified ad sites quite successfully. Others utilize credit based systems such as traffic exchanges and/or safelists. Still others rely on organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and focus soley on Search Engine Marketing (SEM). 

There are certainly many more options available. If you have any questions, ideas, or other thoughts to share, please leave a comment below. 

Next week will begin the weekly series mentioned above. In the meantime, I want to wrap up this series, in my next post, and discuss adding emotion to your marketing efforts.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Big MLM Tip: Marketing Venues: Paid Options

This post is the third in a series on marketing  online for Network Marketers. I would recommend you read the forst two posts here before continuing.

MLM Tip: Brand Presence

We are extremely fortunate to have such a variety when it comes to where we want to market ourselves. On the other hand, with so many choices, it can be difficult to know where to start. It's easy to burn through a lot of money if you are not careful.

Burning Money

There is, of course, no "one size fits all" answer to this question. So, how do you where to start? Better yet, how do you coach your new team members on where to start?

First, let's look at some of the options available. For the Network Marketer, we need to break them into two categories, online and offline. 

Since I have already done an entire series on offline prospecting, we'll focus on online methods this time.
When investigating venues for marketing, the first consideration is always budget. If you are like most people, or were at one point, you are probably thinking, "What budget?" I get that. This is why I always steer my team toward free or very low cost options because anything else is not duplicatable. Anyone who goes into business with us should be able to do what we do and see success. But, I want to talk a little about paid methods also for those who may be interested. 

First, let's look at some paid methods. A few options would be, sponsoring a page, Pay Per Click (PPC), Solo ads and purchased credits from some of the free sources we will discuss later. Since being the sponsor of a site is going to be beyond most of us, not to mention virtually a thing of the past, let's move on to Pay Per Click. 

PPC advertising is, by far, the most popular form of paid advertising on the internet today. Both those looking to advertise their products or services and those looking to monetize their websites with such ads find this type of exchange beneficial. 

There are several options when adverting your business. Google ad-words, Facebook ads are probably the two most well known, but there are several other smaller ones around too. If you have not honed your short ad writing skills, you may want to start with some other options that allow you to run ads for free. Ibotoolbox and the adzly network that is part of imfaceplate are both good options. These will allow you to test some ads before you start dropping cash. A PPC campaign can burn through a lot of money with little to show if you are not diligent. 

Solo ads can be a great way of getting your message out. Many site offer solo ads that allow you to send an email to most, or even all, of their members. Most of the free traffic sites we will discuss later offer these. You pay once per email sent. Keep your eye out for specials too. 

Other paid options would include some classified ad sites, some directories and other services. I strongly advise being sure there is value before spending money. 

This is a good place to mention buying leads. You will surely see offers for purchasing leads. Ask yourself, if these leads are so good, why sell them? I don't know about you, but a partner in my company would earn me, and them, far more money than I could ever charge for that "lead". Bottom line: Buying Leads is always a SCAM

I think I have rambled on long enough for one post. Next time we will discuss where to market yourself online for free. You will not want to miss that post. 

Personal Branding does not have to be a mystery. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

MLM Tip: Brand Presence

My last couple of posts have been dealing with 3 Elements of a Successful Marketing Strategy. Now it is time to take a closer look at each one. Before going on, you might want to go back and read the previous post here: MLM Tip: Brand Awareness

Today we will focus on Your Brand Presence. How are you going about getting Your Brand out there, and keeping it out there? Regardless of what venues and methods you use, it will take constant consistent effort to keep your brand in front of your target market. 

If you are going to use social media, you should be performing tasks, daily, to help further expand your brand presence. If you plan to use traffic exchanges and safelists, then you should be earning credits and tracking your results daily. 

I know this is not always easy. You have to work at marketing every day, follow up with prospects, work with your existing team, and you probably still have a full time job. That is a lot to juggle for sure, but that is a topic for another time. 

The bottom line is, you want to promote you daily. Every day you want to have your brand in front of new people as well as others who have seen you before to serve as a reminder. Think of what you are doing to market yourself now. 

How can you stay in front of your current audience? How can you adapt to be sure new people find you every day? Answer these two questions and you will be on your way. After that, it is only a matter of duplicating your efforts so as to increase your circle of influence. 

Just be sure you are playing the right message. A steady stream of sales pitch posts via social media is not effective. It gives a sense of desperation. Also, try to keep your message consistent. It is fine to change some wording here and there, but be careful of being too scattered. This is why you should always promote you, not a program. Programs come and go. You don't want to be one of those people who is promoting something different every week. Besides. People join people, not companies.

The next post in this series will discuss element #2, the various marketing venues at your disposal. I look forward to it.
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