Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are You Holding You Back?

I want to pose a challenge that nothing is holding you back but you, or rather your belief.

Let me start by sharing a post with you from our mastermind forum where we brainstorm the lessons from "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. The following was posted by Willena Flewelling.

Chapter 12: The Subconscious Mind

"Thoughts which go out from one's mind, also imbed themselves deeply in one's
subconscious mind, where they serve as a magnet, pattern, or blueprint by which
the subconscious mind is influenced while translating them into their physical

Picture a family tree. At the base of the trunk is ME. My line goes both ways...
The root system is my ancestors, and the branches are my descendants.

At the base of the trunk is THOUGHTS. My thoughts go both ways. The root
system is where they imbed themselves deep in my subconscious mind, and
the branches are the wide reaching effect they have on others as they grow.
And in this case, the fruit they bare is picked by others, thus spread far and
wide in world and the universe.

Deep within my subconscious is the belief that something is still holding me
back. My husband tells me there is nothing holding me back. After studying
the chapter this time, I believe he is right. It is that BELIEF, and nothing else,
that is holding me back. And what's worse, that deeply implanted belief is not
only affecting ME, but it has spread its numbing branches and fruit out into
the universe so that I am not getting new ebook downloads.

The subconscious mind does not sort through what comes its way. It does
not discriminate between the harmful and the good... or the real and the
perceived. And it acts on whatever is mixed with strong emotion, negative
or positive.

It is the job of the conscious mind to choose what it allows to cross the
threshold into the subconscious mind. The choice is up to ME. Through my
conscious mind, I can VOLUNTARILY plant whatever I WANT in my
subconscious mind.

My subconscious mind has been collecting data for 58 years, and far too much
of it is negative. But I CAN CHANGE that! The past is what it is, and is cast in
cement. I cannot change it. But I CAN change the programming in my
subconscious mind so that my life and daily actions can and will change for the
better today and in the future. How awesome is that?!!

It isn't enough to stop being a victim. I cannot yank the negative programming
out of my subconscious mind. I need to be proactive, but in a different way...

All I have to do is plant NEW desires, mix them with FAITH and BELIEF and the
8 POSITIVE EMOTIONS, and feed them through a strong, positive self talk.

Imagination under control may be used for creation of plans or purposes that
lead to success in any area I choose!

Do these things. Be patient... be persistent... And one day you will wake up
and realize the negative programming has NO power over you, and you are
well on your way to seeing your dearest desires manifested in their physical

And THAT, my friends, is totally awesome!!

Willena Flewelling
Alberta Canada

Wow wow wow....

I heard Willena read her lesson on the mastermind call we do on Wednesdays and it really spoke to me. The word picture of the tree is great, but that was not the part that really caught my attention. Read the following line again.

It is that BELIEF, and nothing else, that is holding me back.

 News Flash: NOTHING is holding you back. Seriously.... nothing.

We hear people talk about things that hold them back all the time. They say things like "I just have bad luck" or "'The Man' is keeping me down". These are simply excuses. There is no "Bad Luck". There's no "Man" that has it in for you. The "Evil Rich" didn't take anything from you (and have likely provided you with a job or two along the way). No, the BELIEF in such things is what holds people back. It's much easier to blame some mystical force of "Luck" or some faceless "Man" than to take the initiative and do something to change things.

The bottom line is, if that belief can be overcome, the problems will go away. Don't listen to negative people. Don't fall for the myth that there is such a thing as Bad luck. Nobody wants to keep you down. Nobody seeks to be your oppressor. But, if you believe in such things, that belief is enough to manifest these very results.

Now, get your thinking right. Get rid of the negative thoughts that are holding you back. Come join our mastermind group and hear brilliant insights, like the one I shared here, first hand. Email me to get started.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Silly Season

Well, the holiday season is upon us again. It's the time of year when people smile more, laugh more, and are generally more pleasant. Unfortunately, this change in behavior is artificial, and temporary. 

It's easy to be happy when the whole world is singing songs of joy. Truly happy people do not rely on such external stimulation. They derive their happiness from within, and project it onto the world around them.
All major religions or philosophical teachings will tell you the same thing. True peace comes from within, normally via a connection to a higher power. 

People love to complain, and why not it's easier. Counting your blessings takes effort. We are a week removed from Thanksgiving here in the US. When asked what you were thankful for, what was your answer? Have you thought about what you are thankful for again since? Probably not.
Alright, I am sounding like a cynic, so let me get to the point. We live in a world where there will always be a steady supply of energy coming towards us, both positive and negative. And we know, what we put out is what we will get back. 

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time being positive 24/7. The good thing is, we don't have to. As Randy Gage said a couple weeks ago, it's the 51% rule. When you reach the point that 51% of your thoughts are positive, it will change your life. 

While the holidays may bring about a temporary change, I for one, welcome it. Spreading Joy and Cheer at Christmas reminds us of what it was like when we were children, before the world turned us into cynics.

So, my challenge to you is this. This Christmas Season, be mindful of the things that bring a smile to your face. Write them down and keep them handy. Through the year, look at your list when you start to feel down and remember the feeling you had. Anything we can do to get over that 51% hump is worth the effort. 

Before you know it, every day will feel like Christmas.
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