Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Duplication is Vital

Duplication is what makes a network marketing busy work. If your efforts are not being duplicated, then you have little to no chance of making it in this industry. 

This is why so many tactics can never work. 

For example, buying leads will never duplicate. Even if you can afford to spend hundred, or even thousands, of dollars a month on leads, 90% or more of your team will not be able to afford that. 

Also, do not be the one with all the answers. New distributors will start to think they can never do what you do if you appear to know everything there is to know about MLM. You should frequently refer them to your upline or a certain training audio, video or eBook chapter, even if you do know the answer. This is more easily duplicatable and will be less likely to overwhelm your distributors. They will be more likely to think something like, "Wow, I can do that".

Think about duplication in everything you do.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day - Two Topics to Avoid

They say that you should never discuss politics or religion among friends. While I do not totally agree with that, these two topics can kill your network marketing business. 

I'm sure it is this way in much of the world, but here in the US, there is no other topic more polarizing than politics. People tend to dismiss things with which they do not agree. A great many people will simply hit the back button if they read a political statement that is contrary to what they believe. They will often dismiss whatever else you say because of that one statement. 

Since the country is about evenly split, can you really afford to lose half of your prospects? 

As for religion, I personally feel it is okay to let people know what your beliefs are. Just be careful. If you come across as condescending or as if your religion is the only true faith, you will alienate large segments of the population. 

Remember, you are treading on thin ice with these two topics. If you hope to cast a wide net with your marketing, I would avoid these as a general rule. 

Network Marketing, or MLM, is a people business. If you make a habit of turning people away, where will that leave your business?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Online Content Syndication - Lord of the Ring

No, not that Lord of the Ring. I'm talking about an Online Content Syndication Ring.  Actually, I have found that multiple overlapping rings work best as they will help to spread your influence around the web building a viral syndication network. 

The concept of a syndication ring is simple. You share content for people, and they return the favor by sharing your content. If you get a large enough ring built, everyone will be getting a lot of Social Proof on their pages. 

But, what about these overlapping rings? This is where things really start to pick up. When you are a member of multiple Syndication Rings, you will have many more eyes on your pages, which means many more likes, tweets, stumbles etc. These increase the number of eyes on your content even more from the people who see these shares, and sometimes they will share it too. If your content is really good, it could continue to get shared many times. This is the viral affect we are looking for. 

So, back to the concept of multiple overlapping content syndication rings. You could spend months using multiple bookmarking and social media sites to build your own circles, or you could join some of the ones that already exist. There are several options available to you, and if you utilize most or all of them, you will have a powerful content syndication network almost immediately. 

If you are ready to start getting tons of backlinks and social proof for your pages, check out the new CONTENT SYNDICATION RING  page I added to the blog.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Online Content Syndication - Give to Receive

Today's post is short and sweet. If you want social proof, you have to be ready to give it.

Some people refer to the biblical teaching "it is better to give than to receive". Others call it karma or even the "law of reciprocity". 

Whatever you want to call it, in the world of online content syndication, you must be willing to give if you hope to receive. Most people will return the favor when you like, tweet or stumble their work, especially if you are a member of a group that syndicates content for each other. 

As I have been promising, tomorrow I will share a list of places where this is the goal. You syndicate the content of others and they return the favor. Be SURE you read tomorrow's post and the new page of this blog it will link to.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day - Online Content Syndication - Massive Backlinks

We talked yesterday about social proof. Each one of these likes, tweets, stumbles and so on is another backlink. While these social proofs are starting to carry more value, they are still not as valuable as some others such as backlinks from high PR sites like article directories. 

That being said, when it is so easy to get a lot of social proof, why not get a whole bunch of it? 

Take this blog for example. I post here daily, and every single post I do gets lots of likes, tweets and bookmarks thanks to the systems I have in place, and I have recently started using a few new ones that are showing great potential. Much of this process is automated too. 

I will be sharing the methods for gaining this type of exposure at the end of this series which will conclude on Tuesday. At that time I will also be publishing a new static page here that will go into detail as to how you can get hundreds of backlinks every day with minimal effort. 

My goal is to help you gain massive amounts of backlinks and social proof to your pages every day, so stary tuned for the next few days.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day - Online Content Syndication - Social Proof

How many people point to your site?
The process of acquiring baclinks has taken a significant turn in the past year. Yes, article marketing and other methods are still high value links, but Social Proof has started carrying more weight since Google announced a couple of weeks ago that their algorithms would be changing to place more value on social proof

What is social proof? Social proof  is the evidence of interactions between your website or blog and any social media site. Every time someone clicks a "Like" button, tweets, diggs, stumbles, or otherwise shares your content, that is social proof

So why does Google like these so much? They are a good measure of the popularity and relevancy of a page. Since search engines always try to give their customers the best possible results, having a lot of social proof pointing to your site makes the search engines think, "this must be good information if so many people like it". 

Another way Google, Bing and Yahoo are using this social proof is to show the searcher what their social contacts are doing. You may have noticed this happening lately. When you are logged into Google and do a search, if one or more of your social contacts has posted something on that topic it will show up on the first page of results. While this posting may not be on page one for a regular search, it will be on page one here because it is someone within your social circle. This means that your social friends are more likely to see your stuff when searching, making it that much more important to make connections via social media. 

If you are simply posting and hoping for people to "Like" your stuff, you are going to be disappointed unless you already have a large following. You can like, tweet and bookmark your own stuff, and I suggest you do, but that is nowhere near enough to have an impact on your SEO efforts. To get the full benefit of social proof, an online content syndication ring is needed. 

Over the next few days we will cover more about online content syndication and how to go about acquiring a lot of valuable social proof. Some of the methods will be automated and some will require some time and effort, but combining these methods will yield amazing results.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day - Offline Prospecting - Local Groups

Local groups can be a great way of getting yourself out there in front of your community, and possibly even fertile prospecting ground if done correctly.   

What sorts of groups are available in your area? One place to find groups is via the internet. is a good source. You can surely find a group that is active in your area, or you can start your own. There are some costs involved if you want to start your own group, so be aware of this. 

Another place to look is Look for groups in your area who meet fairly regularly. 

Don't be Nervous. You have real value to Share.
When you go to these functions, get to know people. Everyone there is looking to make business contacts, but you cannot be so bold as to jump right out there and invite everyone to come to your website. Socialize, get to know people, and exchanges cards, email addresses and such. Remember, these are professionals, you need to be one too. 

There are also other groups, in most areas, that you could look into. Local chapters of your Chamber of Commerce,church or PTA, for example, could be good places to start. These types of groups are often looking for guest speakers for their functions. 

Draw on your experience. Are you good enough at social media to speak to local businesses on how to use it to boost their brand presence? Maybe you could speak at a church function on how your faith drives your business strategy. Get creative and you could book a local speaking date almost every week. 

The thing to keep in mind is, do not give a sales pitch. You will only annoy others and alienate yourself from the group. Like with anything else, offer value and they will seek you out. 

At the end of your presentation, mention that you will be avalable to answer questions 1 on 1 later. You can also pass out, or leave on the back table, business cards, brochures, CD's with some of your materials or any other promotional items so that people can see what else you have to offer. If people find what you say interesting enough, they may want to look more into what you have to offer. 

At very least try to get people to sign a guest list so you can follow up with them later. When you do follow up with them, do not spam them. Be helpful. Try asking if they had any questions on the topic you spoke on. 

Remember, build relationships and those relationships will build your business.
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