Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day - Two Topics to Avoid

They say that you should never discuss politics or religion among friends. While I do not totally agree with that, these two topics can kill your network marketing business. 

I'm sure it is this way in much of the world, but here in the US, there is no other topic more polarizing than politics. People tend to dismiss things with which they do not agree. A great many people will simply hit the back button if they read a political statement that is contrary to what they believe. They will often dismiss whatever else you say because of that one statement. 

Since the country is about evenly split, can you really afford to lose half of your prospects? 

As for religion, I personally feel it is okay to let people know what your beliefs are. Just be careful. If you come across as condescending or as if your religion is the only true faith, you will alienate large segments of the population. 

Remember, you are treading on thin ice with these two topics. If you hope to cast a wide net with your marketing, I would avoid these as a general rule. 

Network Marketing, or MLM, is a people business. If you make a habit of turning people away, where will that leave your business?
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