Friday, June 24, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day - Online Content Syndication - Social Proof

How many people point to your site?
The process of acquiring baclinks has taken a significant turn in the past year. Yes, article marketing and other methods are still high value links, but Social Proof has started carrying more weight since Google announced a couple of weeks ago that their algorithms would be changing to place more value on social proof

What is social proof? Social proof  is the evidence of interactions between your website or blog and any social media site. Every time someone clicks a "Like" button, tweets, diggs, stumbles, or otherwise shares your content, that is social proof

So why does Google like these so much? They are a good measure of the popularity and relevancy of a page. Since search engines always try to give their customers the best possible results, having a lot of social proof pointing to your site makes the search engines think, "this must be good information if so many people like it". 

Another way Google, Bing and Yahoo are using this social proof is to show the searcher what their social contacts are doing. You may have noticed this happening lately. When you are logged into Google and do a search, if one or more of your social contacts has posted something on that topic it will show up on the first page of results. While this posting may not be on page one for a regular search, it will be on page one here because it is someone within your social circle. This means that your social friends are more likely to see your stuff when searching, making it that much more important to make connections via social media. 

If you are simply posting and hoping for people to "Like" your stuff, you are going to be disappointed unless you already have a large following. You can like, tweet and bookmark your own stuff, and I suggest you do, but that is nowhere near enough to have an impact on your SEO efforts. To get the full benefit of social proof, an online content syndication ring is needed. 

Over the next few days we will cover more about online content syndication and how to go about acquiring a lot of valuable social proof. Some of the methods will be automated and some will require some time and effort, but combining these methods will yield amazing results.
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