Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day - Online Content Syndication - Massive Backlinks

We talked yesterday about social proof. Each one of these likes, tweets, stumbles and so on is another backlink. While these social proofs are starting to carry more value, they are still not as valuable as some others such as backlinks from high PR sites like article directories. 

That being said, when it is so easy to get a lot of social proof, why not get a whole bunch of it? 

Take this blog for example. I post here daily, and every single post I do gets lots of likes, tweets and bookmarks thanks to the systems I have in place, and I have recently started using a few new ones that are showing great potential. Much of this process is automated too. 

I will be sharing the methods for gaining this type of exposure at the end of this series which will conclude on Tuesday. At that time I will also be publishing a new static page here that will go into detail as to how you can get hundreds of backlinks every day with minimal effort. 

My goal is to help you gain massive amounts of backlinks and social proof to your pages every day, so stary tuned for the next few days.
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