Thursday, June 23, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day - Offline Prospecting - Local Groups

Local groups can be a great way of getting yourself out there in front of your community, and possibly even fertile prospecting ground if done correctly.   

What sorts of groups are available in your area? One place to find groups is via the internet. is a good source. You can surely find a group that is active in your area, or you can start your own. There are some costs involved if you want to start your own group, so be aware of this. 

Another place to look is Look for groups in your area who meet fairly regularly. 

Don't be Nervous. You have real value to Share.
When you go to these functions, get to know people. Everyone there is looking to make business contacts, but you cannot be so bold as to jump right out there and invite everyone to come to your website. Socialize, get to know people, and exchanges cards, email addresses and such. Remember, these are professionals, you need to be one too. 

There are also other groups, in most areas, that you could look into. Local chapters of your Chamber of Commerce,church or PTA, for example, could be good places to start. These types of groups are often looking for guest speakers for their functions. 

Draw on your experience. Are you good enough at social media to speak to local businesses on how to use it to boost their brand presence? Maybe you could speak at a church function on how your faith drives your business strategy. Get creative and you could book a local speaking date almost every week. 

The thing to keep in mind is, do not give a sales pitch. You will only annoy others and alienate yourself from the group. Like with anything else, offer value and they will seek you out. 

At the end of your presentation, mention that you will be avalable to answer questions 1 on 1 later. You can also pass out, or leave on the back table, business cards, brochures, CD's with some of your materials or any other promotional items so that people can see what else you have to offer. If people find what you say interesting enough, they may want to look more into what you have to offer. 

At very least try to get people to sign a guest list so you can follow up with them later. When you do follow up with them, do not spam them. Be helpful. Try asking if they had any questions on the topic you spoke on. 

Remember, build relationships and those relationships will build your business.
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