Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Offline Prospecting - Bandit Signs

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Surely you have seen these while driving around town. Signs posted at busy intersections promoting everything from real estate to MLM. While I was skeptical, these signs do work if done well. 

Outrageous claims don't work, but simple messages can. Be sure to put your number on there. Nobody will ever remember a URL from a sign, but a phone number works wonders. 

Don't want to advertise your personal number? Check out Google Voice. You can get a number for marketing and it will ring through to the phone you designate or set it to go straight to voicemail. 

Now what should you put on your sign? Keep it simple. One sentence and a phone number is all people will have a chance to read, 6 to 10 words or so max. 

These signs work best next to the road at busy intersections. Be sure the writing is large enough for someone sitting 3 or 4 cars back at the light to be able to read it. 

***A word of warning, check your local ordinances on placement of such signs. Some municipalities are stricter than others, and in some cases, fines can be incurred if you do not follow their guidelines. Some cities ban them completely. Do your homework. I would hate for someone to get in trouble because they followed my suggestion***

Give it a shot. The signs are cheap and you can put them out all over the place.
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