Friday, February 24, 2012

MLM Tip: Brand Awareness

Do you know the top 3 most recognized brand names in the world? They are, starting with #1: Coca Cola, Budweiser, and Marlboro. Does anything stand out about these products? Is there anything that makes these products stand out above their competition? Not really. These brands got to where they are through effective marketing. 

Take another look at these 3 brands. In each instance, the product has been elevated to the point of having its own persona. From the Marlboro Man, to a team of Clydesdale, to a sugary beverage that seems to bring the world together, these are some of the most successful marketing ventures of all time. 

So, what lessons can we learn from these examples? 


  1. Keep your brand in front of people. If you look at the old Coke vs Pepsi rivalry, one thing is clear. Coke got the message out better. Look back at old photos, antiques and the like. How many old soda machines or metal wall signs do you see that read Coca Cola and then how many Pepsi ones? Everyone knows of both brands, so why bother with all the advertising? It is simple. The next time people reach for a soda, they are going to have that image in their head. Hence Coca Cola has been the biggest lesson in branding of all time.    
  2.  Evoke emotion. The 3 brands listed here are masters in this realm. Take a look at some of these examples:
·         Refreshing 5 cents
·         Have a Coke and a smile
·         The image of a rugged man, envied by men, desired by women
·         Images of Clydesdales or partying with bikini models
All of these slogans and images are designed to elicit an emotional response. This is because marketing specialists learned long ago that they must talk to the subconscious to affect a change in a person's thought patterns. Adding emotion to a message is how you reach the subconscious. This is the same way you can reach yours, and work at undoing the bad programming you have been fed all your life, but that is another topic for another day. 

  1. These brands took full advantage of the media venues available to them, and continue to do so. In the early days, there was a Coca Cola sign in every drug store, gas station or anywhere else they could find a spot. Tobacco ads were banned from broadcast media in the 70's, so Marlboro took advantage of print advertising, and then they figured out a way around that law. They started sponsoring televised sporting events, particularly racing. The Budweiser model can only be described as an all out assault on sports. From TV sponsorship, to the venues, to in store marketing, Bud has successfully associated their name with sporting events, leaving all others to play catch up.
These 3 elements, I believe, are the key factors that made these brands what they are today. In my next post, we will look at how to apply these principles to the business of Network Marketing.
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