Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: What is Your "WHY"?

Want the secret to staying motivated? 

You need to clearly define "WHY" you want to build an MLM business. 

Your WHY should be specific. Simply "to make money" will not keep you motivated. You need to figure out exactly why you want to make more money. 

Maybe you have been laid off a couple times and want to create your own security for your family. 

Maybe you simply want to travel and enjoy life without being chained to a desk. 

Or, maybe you would like to have the time and money part of life taken care of so you can spend more time volunteering at the local food bank or SPCA. 

Once you figure out your WHY, keep it in mind always. If you need to, post it on sticky notes all over your house. 

Email it to yourself daily. 

Add a recurring appointment to your calendar, or just say it to yourself several times a day. 

Whatever you do, keep it as a constant reminder. 

When things get discouraging from time to time, it will help keep you going.
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