Friday, March 18, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: Why Waste Your Time?

You will see a lot of programs offered on the internet that are a complete waste of time. 

A couple examples of this are "Pay To Click"(PTC) or ones where you are paid to take surveys. These are popular with newbies because there is no special skill required. 

The drawback is, the only way to make anything more than a few cents a day is to recruit others into your downline so that you earn on their efforts too. Unfortunately, unless you recruit thousands of people, the best you can hope for is to earn a few dollars a month. 

While these programs are attractive to the newbie, and you can eventually make a little money, a better path would be to find a good MLM company. In the same time it takes you to start earning a few dollars you could be making several hundred, or even thousands, with your MLM business. 

You are going to have to recruit either way, so why not focus on something that will have a better return. 

Just food for thought.
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