Monday, April 4, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: Effective use of Banner and Text Ads

This is a tactic to use in traffic exchanges, text ad exchanges and other similar sites. 

The text and banner ads you see while surfing typically do not convert well, but are great for branding purposes. You may never get a single click from them, and that's okay. 

Most people need to hear or see something more than a dozen times before they remember it. If someone sees your banner 3 times, then you've accomplished a quarter of the task of being remembered by that person. 

Here some tips on how to use them. Try to always have your brand represented, whether in text or a banner. Any combination of your name, picture or url will help. Remember, you want to get the word out about YOU, not your opportunity. 

Many traffic exchanges award bonus text and banner impressions. Take advantage of these for your branding efforts.
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