Friday, April 1, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: Program Overload

Yesterday we spoke about branding. Today we will look at an example of what NOT to do when branding YOU. 

You will see people all over the internet, but especially at traffic exchanges, who suffer from a serious case of Program Overload.

You will, or probably already have, see these people promoting a dozen or more programs. Some sites, like, show all the pages someone has in the system on their profile. I have seen people on there with more than 20 different pages they are promoting. 

This is not only difficult to keep up with but it can be both costly and time consuming. Nobody can surf enough to promote that many sites, so they must be buying a lot of credits. I hope they are getting a decent return on that investment. 

Tomorrow we will look at some tips for personal branding.
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