Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: Promoting Your MLM Blog: Syndication

Syndicating your content, at first, can seem a bit confusing. With the tools that are available though, it is really simple. Sites such as twitterfeed, networked blogs and are really easy to use. 

If you are continuously writing quality content, your followers and friends will share your posts as well. This is where the real power comes from. 

I do have a syndication site I can recommend if anyone is interested. I have not fully tested it yet, so I won’t openly promote it, but if someone wants to check it out, I’d be willing to share. 

I also have some ideas for content syndication that I have been working on with members of my mastermind group. I will post about it here when there is more to tell. 

For now, if you want more information on the power of content syndication, the folks at have put together a book entitled “Syndication Revelation”. Click to title to go read it. There is a lot of great information in there.
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