Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: Article Writing part 1

A few days ago, in the series on backlinking, we talked about article marketing. Over the next few days we will cover several detailed methods for writing articles and doing it quickly. 

The first method we will discuss is using an article someone else wrote exactly like it is. If you copy the entire article, including their links and a link back to the original article, you can use it on your blog or maybe even a secondary blog. 

To avoid it being seen as duplicate content, write a short paragraph at the beginning explaining what you found and why you feel it is worthy of sharing. Then add another paragraph at the bottom summarizing the article. 

I have found this method to be quite useful for a secondary blog where you only use it to drive traffic to your primary blog. You can do this on your main blog too, but you are going to want much of the content there to be your won if you ever have any chance of becoming an expert in the eyes of your readers. 

Tomorrow we will talk about how to rewrite someone else article so that it is completely new and use it yourself without fear of plagiarism or duplication. This method also works for spinning your own articles for use on other sites.
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