Friday, May 27, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: Article Writing part 3

Creating templates can drastically cut down on the amount of time you spend writing articles. Here is an example of how to create a template:
Intro paragraph: in 3 to 5 sentences, describe your topic and tell how the article will fulfill what your title promises. Your first sentence should include your keywords.
3 body paragraphs: each of these should be 5-7 sentences with one key point and 3 supporting points. Try to get your keyword into the title for each paragraph. If they do not have titles, put it in the first sentence of each.
Conclusion: spend about 5 sentences explaining how all this ties together. Do not put your link here though. It should go in the author resource box with a call to action in your conclusion pointing them to the link below. Try to get your keyword into the last sentence.
Resource box: keep this short and to the point. Add your link using your key words as anchor text if the option is available. Some resource boxes do not allow html.

Now that you have your outline, start with the body. Do a Google search for your key words and open each of the top 3 results. Find one key point and 3 supporting points from each website and write your body paragraphs. All the info you need is there, just reword it a bit.

Out of these paragraphs you will have enough info to put together your intro and conclusion paragraphs as outlined above. I hope some of you find this helpful. Tomorrow we will discuss using theme words to make your writing more appealing to Google and other search engines as well as your readers.
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