Friday, May 20, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: Backlinking part 2

Mass article submission is #2 on our list of backlinking methods. This method involves submitting spun versions os shorter articles to dozens or even hundreds, of smaller article directories. 

These articles can be shorter than the ones we did in backlinking method #1, and you will not need to be as detailed. You can even take some of your longer articles from method one and use parts of it to create shorter articles for mass submission. 

This is a syndication method that would be far too daunting to do manually, so you will need software to do it for you. There are several options concerning software, both for spinning your articles and mass submitting. I do not want to make any recommendations here. If you asked 100 people you would get at least 50 different answers.
Find a spinner and submitter that works for you. 

Tomorrow we will cover method #3 for generating backlinks, press releases
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