Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Attraction Network Marketing - IBOtoolbox

This is one of the newer sites out there, but has already proven itself to be highly responsive. This site has a lot of features, but we are going to cover two today, ads and the internal blogger. These two feature are intertwined too as you will see. 

Let's look at the blogger first.  The way they set this up makes this a powerful tool. Whenever you post a blog on IBOtoolbox, it is automatically syndicated to several places including facebook, twitter and others. Sometimes your posts will even appear on IBO's blogger and blogs. In short, your posts will get a lot of exposure and have a good chance of getting ranked highly with the search engines. 

Another feature of this blog is what leads us into the subject of ads. When you post a blog at IBO, you get 20 credits. Once you reach 100, you can convert them to ad impressions. 100 credits will get you 500 text or 100 banner impressions. 

Why are these ads so important? Because of the volume of traffic the site is getting. 500 text ad impressions usually only last about a day, although you can adjust the speed of your impressions. The site, and all its member pages, are getting tens of thousands of hits a day (current rank is 16,754 and climbing daily). Many of these are from non members, which carries your reach farther out into the internet world. 

The exposure you can get from this site is amazing. If you arer not using, I suggest you go there right now. If you are, then start utilizing it. It is a great site.

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