Friday, July 22, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Building Your Brand via Social Media

Picking up from yesterday's post, you now have a friend base. This helps lend credibility moving forward. It is hard to brand yourself as an expert when you only have 3 friends, one of whom is your mom. 

Alright, let's start building Your Brand presence. We will continue to focus on facebook for now, but you will want to be utilizing as many other networks as possible as well. Your Brand needs to be represented in as many places as possible. For instance, I frerquently have people tell me things like, "You are everywhere", or "I keep seeing you pop up all over the place". That is when you know your branding efforts are working. 

If you set up your Facebook presence as outlined yesterday, you now have several groups in which to start working. The idea is to offer value to the people who read what you write. If you write a blog, add your blog posts to the groups. Remember, helpful blogs attract. Blogs that arer overly promotional get ignored. Be helpful whenever you can. 

A couple good way to get people to notice you is to share their content on social media and bookmarking sites (known as blog syndication) and through blog commenting. Tomorrow we will look at these two methods of gaining exposure as well as a list of some Facebook groups you may want to check out.
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