Monday, July 25, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Expanding Your Brand Presence

Okay, after changing directions over the weekend, let's get back to where we left off on Friday with building your brand in social media. So far, in this series, we have gotten a start to our online branding efforts and took it to the next step of sharing quality content to brand yourself as an expert in your field.

Today we will talk about two methods of getting yourself out there, and acquiring name recognition, without being a spammer. In fact, people will greatly appreciate these two things, and they can both be mutually beneficial. They are blog syndication and blog commenting.

Blog Syndication is a powerful tool. The concept is simple. Say you created a new blog post and shared it with your friends at Facebook. They in turn share it on several different social media and social bookmarking sites. If the content is really good, their friends nay share it too, and it could go viral.

This does two things. It gets more eyes on your post, and each one of these shares is another backlink. Doing this for others helps build trust and respect. Plus, most people will be happy to return the favor.

The second method of getting yourself known is blog commenting. This method is very much mutually beneficial. For you, the commenter, you get a backlink. For the blog writer, more comments lend credibility to their material. Besides the backlink, that blogger, and others who read that blog, will see your response. When people start to see you being active on several blogs, you are building your brand. Now that we have established two methods for gaining exposure in a positive way, here are two Facebook groups that will help you accomplish these two tasks.

First, Syndication Elation is a group that I started, with the help of some good friends, that is centered around syndicating blogs. The idea is, you share some of the group posts on sites like twitter, stumbleupon, digg and others, then post your blog post to the group wall, and other members will do the same for you.

Another group you may be interested in Is Blogging Mastermind Commenting Tribe. The group rules say that you should comment on two of the blogs listed on the group wall, then add your blog post for others to see and comment on. Your comments are to go on the actual blog, not in the group, although it is customary to leave a note in the group stating that you left a comment.

Now, here are a few more groups you may want to check out:

A Mastermind Team of Professional Network Marketers
Sharing Marketing Solutions For Free
The Lamppost
Blogging Buddies
I Need Blog Follower
AMP - Advanced Marketing Pros (A Safe Haven for Marketers)
1000 Likes in 90 Days - an experiment

These are all great groups for getting to know people and gaining exposure.I look forward to seeing you there!
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