Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: MLM - You Already Do it, Why Not Get Paid for it

You have been recommending products since you were 5 or even younger. From the first time you saw that new toy on TV and told your parents how great it was, you were taking part in word of mouth marketing. 

Why not get paid for it? 

In short, that is the primary function of network marketing. You recommend products or services to others, then help them learn how to recommend them to still others. There just happens to be a compensation plan attached so that you each get a portion of the profits from these sales.  

Seems simple right? 

There are a lot of MLM failure stories out there that suggest it is not so simple. Without a good coaching and mentoring program, including methods on how to create MLM leads online, you are going to struggle. 

With a solid duplicatable system, all that is left is your effort. Check the MENTORING RESOURCES page for such a system.
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