Monday, June 6, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day -Business Building - Prospecting

Without a steady stream of fresh prospects, you cannot build a network marketing business. So, especially for the new person, prospecting should be your main focus. 

Eventually you should transition more to a coaching position, but prospecting will always be a part of your business. 

Prospecting is such a major part of network marketing that my next series will focus on different methods of MLM Prospecting. Watch for this series starting in a few days. 

What you really need is a complete MLM Prospecting System. There are lots of so called "systems" out there. Some will even try to convince you that they will build your business for you. Others will tell you to go buy leads. 

What I want to show you is how YOU can learn to pull massive amount of Free Leads for MLM. No gimmicks, no high pressure sales, no cold calling, just simple instruction on how and where to find quality prospects for your business.  A complete MLM Prospecting System should include everything you need to promote, capture and follow up with your prospects. Such a system would include many tools as well as the training to use them. 

Fortunately, such a system already exists. Visit the MLM Prospecting System page of this blog to learn more, or simply go to to get registered today. 

Once you set up your free account, I will send you an email. Reply to that email and we will get you started.
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