Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Affiliate Programs - Risky Business?

Many people advocate utilizing various affiliate program along side their MLM Business. Most will even tell you that these other programs can start to make money for you until your MLM Business takes off. While this could work, I would like to share some potential issues with following this type of business model. 

For starters, do you really want to be one of those people out there who will promote almost anything to make a buck? What does this do for your credibility with those people who are looking to join you in your primary business? You do not want prospects thinking you are not serious about this MLM Business

Plus, the vast majority of these programs do not last. This is why you see people who are promoting something new every few weeks. That one didn't work, so they are on to the next greatest thing that has little chance of lasting more than a month or two. I actually feel sorry for these people, because I used to be right there with them a few short years ago.

And now, the real danger of using affiliate programs along with your MLM Business

Before you start promoting any affiliate program, I suggest you read through your Policies and Procedures. Many companies have a policy included where as sponsoring someone into another program, when doing so jumps the chain of sponsorship as it is established within your company, is grounds for termination

Let me explain. Say you sponsor Al into your primary MLM Business. Al sponsors Bob who sponsors Charlie. You then come across an affiliate program that looks promising, and you sponsor all 3 of these people under you. You would then be in violation of that clause and subject to discipline. Now, if you shared it with Al who shared it with Bob, and so on, keeping the existing chain intact, this would be within the guidelines. The only problem would be if someone else, downline, upline or sideline to you, found your affiliate link and signed up. You would be in violation and not even realize it. 

Can you really risk it?  Is the potential to make a few bucks from that affiliate program worth risking your residual income from your primary MLM Business?

Read your Policies and Procedures carefully before promoting any affiliate program.
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