Friday, July 8, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Best MLM Opportunities - Your Potential Sponsor

Over the past few days we have discussed doing some research on the Best MLM Opportunities. So far we have looked at researching a specific MLM Company, but what about your prospective sponsor?

Have you researched this person to see what they are all about? Search for the person's name on Google to see what comes up. If they have a common name, check to see if they use a middle initial or anything else that will identify them. When you get your results, what do you see?

You want a sponsor who is active. What you would like to see is page after page of articles, blog posts, social media profiles and the like.

If you want to see what I mean, do a quick search on my name, Bill Gelwick. I just checked and there are 8 full pages, 80 results, before anything pops up that is not directly related to me. You will find links to dozens of social media profiles, articles, blog posts and even blog posts from others who mention me.

On that note, have you searched for yourself lately? Sign out of Google first, and then search your name. What will people find when they search for you?

Best MLM Opportunities

Best MLM Opportunities

Best MLM Opportunities

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