Friday, July 29, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Attraction Network Marketing - IMfaceplate was designed as a branding tool for internet marketers. The first 6 months or so, this site was very highly active. Activity has slowed a bit since the initial rush, but this is still a great site for Attraction Network Marketing, and I would like to explain a few reasons why. 

The IMfaceplate admin team has made several improvements to the site making it one of the easiest sites out there to navigate. Also, your home page has areas that will keep you up to date at a glance. 

The groups are great at IMfaceplate too. There are a lot of people freely sharing their knowledge daily. HERE is a new discussion I posted in the groups earlier today.

Other features such as shouts, spotlights and articles make for a well rounded site. The article platform here is easy to use. There is no approval process to wait for and no limt on submissions. Articles placed here also do a good job of getting ranked with search engines if you do a good job with your keywords. 

Another key point to this site is, the admin here does a great job of trying to reduce SPAM. Affiliate links are not permitted in groups, and when a new member pops up and spams a lot of groups, their account is terminated. That is not tollerated on IMfaceplate.

In short, this is a great site for meeting and getting to know people. Be sure to find me while you are there.I look froward to seeing you there.

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