Monday, August 1, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Selective Network Marketing

I know what you're thinking. "Bill, what do you mean by Selective Network Marketing"? I'm glad you asked.

The term is actually self explanatory, but it will make all the difference in your business. There are two types of people in MLM, those who will sponsor anyone with a heartbeat, and those who practice Selective Network Marketing.

What do you get if you sponsor anyone who comes along and shows the slightest bit of interest? You will find yourself with a large organization that is doing nothing. This will leave you trying to be a cheerleader every month just to get a few of them to at least order some product.

Another drawback to the "sponsor everyone you see" mentality is, those who join you will get similar results, get discouraged and eventually quit, causing your organization to have a very high attrition rate. What good does it do you to sponsor 50 people in a month if they never do anything, and 40 of them quit a month later? I think you already know the answer to that.

Contrast that with sponsoring 3 or 4 people per month who are serious and ready to build, and teaching them how to do the same. With this method, you can coach your team and help them to do the same thing you are doing, and your business will thrive.

I tried the first method a few years ago, with a different company. After over 6 months of people signing up left and right, in the end, I had one person who actually did anything. I can tell you, from experience, this method does not work. The biggest reason for this is, if you are getting hundreds of prospects a day, how can you possibly build any sort of relationship with any of them? People join people, not companies.

Even if a few do manage to join, it is solid relationships that will keep them engaged and help them grow. If you practice Selective Network Marketing, with a solid duplicatable system, your business partners will be partners for life.
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