Monday, July 11, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Best MLM Opportunities - Free MLM?

Seriously? Free MLM?

The Best MLM Opportunities are never free. If you hear of a Free MLM, you can be assured it is a scam.

Every legitimate MLM Company is only able to pay their distributors through the retail sale of product. Yes, some allow distributors buy at a wholesale rate, but the Best MLM Opportunities will have products that are value priced to begin with. We will discuss more about this tomorrow.

So, back to the concept of Free MLM. Even if a company is free to join, you still have to purchase product to make it work. If not, how can anyone earn any money?

In short, there is no such thing as a Free MLM. If it costs nothing to start, and there is nothing to buy, they will have to try to get money from you another way.

Maybe it would be through some affiliate program, making this supposed Free MLM nothing more than a front to get you into some other rip-off deal.

So, which would you prefer? Would you rather spend some money on value priced products, build a team that does the same, and all earn a residual income, or do you want to keep chasing after the myth of the Free MLM?
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