Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Google is Your Friend

Some people do not realize all that Google does for us. There has been a lot of negativity directed at Google this year, with the rankings updates they are doing, but Google provides so many tools for us that we  should realize that they really are our friend.

This post will cover just a few of the many highly useful tools Google provides for us.

Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools:
Everyone who has a website is surely familiar with these tools. If not, go get them set up as soon as you finish reading this post. It is virtually impossible to operate a business online without knowing what your site is doing.

Google Voice :
This is a tool I have gotten a lot of use from. This service will give you a separate phone number to give out to people or add to splash/capture page. This number is then linked to your cell phone number and it will ring through to your line. There are several features, but a big one is, Google Voice will transcribe any voice mail messages and save them on the website and send them to you in a text message.

Google Alerts:
Alerts are a great way to keep track of things on the internet. The first one I would suggest you set up is an alert on your name. If your name happens to be something like John Smith, this may not benefit you much. But, if your name is less common, you can keep track of anything that pops up on the web about you. Set up others on any topic or person you like. This is a good way to see what others are doing, find blogs to comment on, or even find material for your own writing.

Add other useful tools like the Google keyword tool, webmaster channel on youtube, Google sets, AdWords and others, and it is easy to see that Google really is your friend. Not to mention using the standard search engine that started it all, Google offers more tools for your business than any other single source.

Are you taking full advantage of these tools?
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