Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Blog Syndication - A Closer Look

The topic of Blog Syndication is something I am passionate about, so let's talk abotu it again today. This is bcecause it serves three main purposes. 

First, Blog Syndication gets more eyes on your site by increasing traffic immediately. This traffic comes from others who understand the importance of syndication. Since the purpose for these visits is to share, this traffic is not expected to convert well. Also keep in mind, if many people are syndicating your content, these are hits that will not spend much time on your site, and this will be evident in your bounce rate. 

Secondly, Blog Syndication gains you Social Proof. Social proof lends credibility to a site. When a new visitor comes to your site and sees multiple tweets, likes and other shares, they will be more likely to place value on that content. Also, since people rarely want to be the first to do so, seeing that other people have shared the page makes the decision for that person to share easier. 

And lastly, Blog Syndication can generate a lot of quality back links helping with your SEO/SEM efforts. Each of these shares is another backlink to your site. 

The biggest thing to remember about Blog Syndication is, you must give to receive. If you share enough content, without an expectation of reciprocation, you will start to build your brand as someone who is helpful. This takes time, but if done correctly, can yield some amazing results. 

If you want to get started in Blog Syndication, or if you are a seasoned veteran, come visit my Facebook group Syndication Elation. This group is made up of a great bunch of folks who understand the principle of Blog Syndication. 

Come over and let us syndicate your content.
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