Monday, August 22, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Making the Most of Your Daily Chores

Do they still make phones with cords?

In my last post we talked about making the most of your daily commute, while you still have one. Today we want to think about ways to maximize our time by taking advantage of the time we have while doing daily chores.

This is another way I find to stay plugged into the training that is provided to me by the Mentoring For Free system. All those training calls in MP3 format make for good listening while mowing the yard, working in the garage, or just doing laundry. The trick is, taking a mindless task and derive value from it.

I have even gotten on live calls while performing trivial tasks. Now, you have to be careful of multitasking. If you are not focused, it can cause problems. This is only to be done with tasks that take little thought to perform. A few other menial tasks you could take advantage of are washing dishes, folding laundry or even taking a shower if you have speakers.

I have even listened to audio training at work back when I was working in manufacturing and all I had to do was watch a machine run all night. Of course, back then it was cassette tapes in a Walkman.

If you are serious about building your business, try to get creative with your time management. You will be amazed how much time you can find even if it is only 10 minutes here and there.
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