Friday, August 19, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Making the Most of Your Commute

How far do you drive to and from work each day? If it is more than 15 minutes, you could be wasting valuable time. 

I constantly hear people complain about not having enough time to work their business. Managing a full time job, family responsibilities and running a business is a lot to take on. 

If you drive 30 minutes, each way, every day, that is an hour you could be putting to good use. If you have a hands free device, you can use this time to follow up with prospects, touch base with your sponsor or even coach your team members. If you do not have a hands free device, either get one or you can try the speaker phone feature on your phone. 

Another great way to utilize the otherwise wasted commute time is to listen to training audios. Many systems provide these audios. For example, the Mentoring For Free system that I use has a site where you can download archived calls. I keep many of them on my MP3 player for just such an occasion.

How do you utilize your commute?
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