Tuesday, September 6, 2011

After the Holiday

Happy Tuesday everyone. I realize it is effectively a Monday for many people here in the US who are still working a day J.O.B., but it in fact Tuesday according to the calendar. I hope everyone had a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

Last week we spoke extensively on positive thinking. Personal development is 90% of network marketing, and should be that much of our normal lives as we learn going through it. The power of the mind is awesome. By simply focusing on a thought, positive or negative, you can actually make it come to pass. If you missed last week, I urge you to at least read Friday's post, "Own Your Mind - Own Your Life".

For this short week, I will continue to urge you all to work on yourself. If you are not working on yourself at least as much as you are working on your business, you are missing the boat. This is the most important aspect of building your business. Why? Because, you are int eh business of attracting and relating to people. If you do no have your head screwed on straight, and cannot maintain a positive attitude, then you should just quit now.

Sorry to be so blunt there, but it's true. I come across people almost daily who have no business being in this sort of business. Some only want to pitch you on whatever they are doing. Others have almost zero people skills. If you do not show interest in what they do, they can get downright rude. Then you have the ones who have all the answers, and if you try to tell them anything, they act as though you have no idea what you are talking about, so you should just shut up and listen. You can tell one of these people from a mile away, but when they get close, you can't tell them a thing.

I do not pretend to have all the answers. Not even close. The truth is, I must rely on my mentors daily. I call my personal mentor at least 2 or 3 times a week, if not more, and I am constantly on the training calls or listening to the recordings of the calls later. I especially focus on our Wednesday and Saturday calls on personal development.

I'll make you a deal. If you email me, I will get you on these personal development calls. There is no business opportunity mentioned on these calls. There is no sort of sales pitch, only masterminding with other leaders in the industry. All you need to do is dial is, sit back and listen, and maybe speak up if you feel motivated to do so.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, so don't wait, email me right away.
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