Monday, September 19, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Are We Having Fun Yet?

Network marketing really is a fun business. It may seem daunting at first, but once things start moving along, and you start to build confidence, it becomes a joy to talk to people. If you are just starting out, let me give you an example. 

Think of the last time you did something you really enjoyed. Maybe it was a vacation, attending a sporting event, or some other activity. How did you feel when you were telling your friends about it later? Right, you were excited to tell anyone who would stand still and listen. There was no fear or hesitation. Quite the opposite, you could not wait to tell someone about it. 

So, why does something like this come so easily, but talking to someone about your network marketing business is like pulling teeth? There are two reasons. 

First, you had so much fun you are still excited about it. The excitement in your voice is obvious.
Secondly, you have no agenda. This removes all pressure. Your only desire is to share this experience so that someone else may get some enjoyment from it. 

Once you learn to have fun with it, it will come much easier. But, you will never learn to have fun with your business if you don't drop your agenda. Once you learn to just have fun with it, you will see a significant increase in numbers. This comes easier when you gain experience. 

For the beginner, I would recommend you go back to the first exercise in this post. Imagine you are telling the story of that recent trip or activity. Use this as the model when speaking to prospects. You may not be that excited yet, but if you believe you are, you will make it true. 

As Michael Dlouhy is so fond of saying, “If you are not having fun with your network marketing business, you’re doing it wrong”.  Are you having fun?
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