Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BIG mlm Tip - A Mind is a Terrible Thing...

Were you expecting more to that title? Not this time. The mind is more powerful than we have yet to imagine. It can be your greatest asset, or your own worst enemy. 

If you have a handle on what is being allowed into your mind, it will serve you well. Let the world around you flood your mind with all its negative puke and your mind will turn on you like a rabid Pitt bull, only you won't even realize it. 

If you plan to be successful in life or business, you have got to get rid of those negative influences. Are you watching the nightly news? Take a long look at what you watch, read or listen to. 

What about your music? Do you listen to angry rock music that displays a hatred for the world or hateful hip hop that portrays violence. Even most pop music of today is a cesspool of negative emotion. 

I challenge you to join me in clearing the clutter from your brain take 100% responsibility for everything that goes into your mind. Are you ready to take control? Then turn off the TV,radio, Internet news sites and focus all of your attention inward. Only allow positive input. Do this for 30 days and it will change your life. But, you don't have to do it alone. Contact me and I will get you plugged into a support system. 

Take ownership of your mind. Stop renting it out to anyone who comes along with something to say.
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