Friday, September 23, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Are You in a Hurry?

Who isn't? It seems that everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere or get something done. Our world continues to become more fast paced. With almost anything you need available at your fingertips, we become less likely to wait for much of anything. 

Let me share an experience I had this morning. While driving into my day job, traffic hit a bit of a snag. Once things cleared a bit it became obvious what the problem was. There was a car in the right hand lane moving along at barely over 1/2 the posted speed limit. I was finally able to get over a lane and go around this cart, and as you would expect, it was an elderly woman driving the slower car. 

While in years past, I would have gotten extremely irritated, this time I did not. My reaction was so different that it surprised even me. 

My response was one of admiration with a hint of envy. Here were all these people rushing to get somewhere, and in the midst of it all, this woman was taking her time, doing her own thing, on her own schedule. I saw no less than 20 cars pass her in the span of a minute or two, and she did not appear to be concerned about it in the slightest. 

How wonderful is that? This is what I want. No, not driving slowly.  I’ll still have a hard time staying under the speed limit. What I look forward to is not needing to always be in a hurry, to be able to take my time, relax and enjoy life.
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