Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Buying Leads?

No matter how much we talk about this, many people out there still do not see the dangers of buying leads.

Recently I have spoken with a few different people on this topic as it came up in conversation. These people were following a different "Prospecting System". One started telling me what a great thing it was that their program leaders were going to start selling leads. He was concerned that he may not be able to afford them at first, to which I tried to explain why he should have his money. He never replied back to that particular item, so I am not sure if he understood what I meant. I hope so.

Inadvertently, this young man hit on one of the biggest problems with buying leads. It is not duplicatable. Most people, when first starting out with MLM are on a very limited budget. They will not be able to afford to buy leads. This can be discouraging. After all, you found them that way, so they think that is what they need to do to find others.

The other issue is, most of the leads you buy are garbage. They are names that got on a list somehow, and now have been passed around so many times that they are getting calls daily from people trying to pitch something else to them. What kind of odds do you think you will have with someone who is already fed up with people calling?

Another one I ran across a couple times was opted-in leads. I had a couple of people that were all excited about their program offering these. I hate to burst a bubble, but these folks needed to be educated to the dangers of doing this. Opted-in leads do not exist. There is no such thing. If the person did not specifically opt into YOUR list to receive YOUR messages, then they are NOT opted-in leads! I do not know how to make this any clearer. If someone tries to talk to you about opted-in leads, RUN! It is a scam, 100% of the time.

While on the subject of leads, and some of these "systems" out there, let me touch on one more thing. If soemone is promoting numbers like "get 50 leads a day", move right along. Two problems with that. ONE, there is no way these are targeted leads. I woudl greatly prefer to get 2 or 3 quality leads a day than 50 or more that are not targeted. TWO, how do you plan to follow up with 50 people every day? You will never be successful in this business if you do not call your leads. Do you have time to call 50 a day? Oh yeah, and don't forget about the ones who didn't answer yesterday that you need to try again, and the day before that, and... well, you get the idea. What a total waste of time. What good does it do to call 50 people or more a day only to find out that none of them are looking for what you have to offer? But, if you are calling highly targeted prospects, you will have much different results.

Alright, I'll get off my soap box now.
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