Monday, October 3, 2011

BIG mlm Tip - Sheep or Shepard?

For the next few days, we are going to look at the contract between the Shepard and the Sheep.

The Leader and the Follower

The Doer and the Talker.

The Winner or the one who sits on the sidelines.

We want to look at the differences between the two, how they operate, and how to best deal with each.

The first aspect is how each of the two respond to different types of information, particularly the scores of business opportunities being promoted daily.

The Shepard looks at each one analytically. He is aware of the obvious scams, but more importantly, can spot the programs that just have no chance of working. He has made a study of business models and compensation plans so that, at a glance, he can tell if a company has any chance of survival.

Contrast this with the Sheep who falls for the hype more often than not. Flashy graphics and overly hyped numbers are all it normally takes to persuade the sheep, at least at first. After a few times of being burned, these people usually are more guarded. Therefore, the Sheep is more likely to be the Cynic. They have been burned, and now they expect that from every program that is placed in front of them. Sadly, this makes life difficult for those of us who are only trying to be helpful.

The Sheep can be converted into a Shepard, and we will discuss this later in this series, so the problem here lies with the so called "programs" or "systems", themselves. These are typically programs that promise the moon with little to no work. That, or they are some "system" that packages several programs together to generate "multiple stream s of income", which usually translates into "Multiple Streams of OUTGO".

There are ways to make money online via various affiliate products and programs. I know several people who do it, but they do not follow some silly system and they do not get involved with scammy or junk programs. These people are Leaders who know what they are doing, usually by learning the hard way.

The mark of a Shepard is the ability to guide his Flock, nurture them, and create from it new Shepards to take up the cause.

Are you a Shepard or simply another "Lamb to the Slaughter"?
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