Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From Sheep to Sheppard to Rancher

It is entirely possible for the sheep among us to become Sheppards. With the right personal development and skills training, anyone can do it. The key is Desire. 

Are you wanting to build leaders? Silly question. Of course you do. So how is it working for you? 

Let's paint a picture. Imagine yourself as a Sheppard tending a flock of sheep. Not content with this, you have your sights set on becoming a Rancher, with multiple Sheppard’s working for you. The next goal would be to help several of those Sheppards become Ranchers, with multiple Sheppards working under them, and you would earn percentage on those ranches too. That is the general idea of Network Marketing, but I’m sure you already knew that. 

Okay, so you have distributors and continue to bring in new prospects every day. Now you need to determine which ones are leaders, and which ones are content with being a part time distributor.
Distributors are part timers, and usually temporary. They come and go. Leaders are in for the long haul, and usually plan to retire from their jobs to operate their Network Marketing business full time. In the example above, you are the Sheppard turned Rancher, and now you are looking for other Sheppards who want to become Ranchers. In turn for helping them become established in their new Ranching venture, you get a percentage of their profits, as well as the profits from other Ranchers they develop. It is a win/win situation for all involved. Even the Sheppards who intend to stay at that level (Distributors) and the sheep all get what they want from the arrangement. 

The trick is to continue to keep an eye on that flock. Sheep will rear their heads from time to time. A Product user may decide to become a distributor. A distributor may decide they are ready to become a leader. You never know when it will happen. Maybe a distributor that has been at that level for years will suddenly have an “Ah Ha” moment and decide they are ready. Or maybe someone down the line will get downsized for the 3rd time in a matter of a few years and decide that they need this business to build their own security. These things happen, and as a Sheppard, it is your duty to spot that and give this person the help they need to realize their goals.

Are you being a good Sheppard?
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