Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Good Sheppard

This week we have been looking at the difference between the sheep mentality that is so prevalent in internet/network marketing today and those of us who have decided to become Sheppards in an attempt to guide the people who flock to us, and from them, develop other Sheppards.

To recap, we first spoke about the sheep, and the sorts of programs they follow. It's usually the programs that feed on that sort of mentality. like the one time $10 to make thousands a month scam. Hype is an alluring thing. I was speaking to a friend last night who made a comment about him getting conned again. I told him, "Not conned, but seduced by the hype. That's what it's designed for".

The Good Sheppard offers Help, not Hype.

The hard part is, even such a statement as above can come across as hype to the overly sensitized world of the internet today. It seems few people want to learn about how to build a solid residual income, but tons of people will jump at the promise of making six figures in under 90 days. Seriously????? Honestly, people who are that engrained in that sheep mentality are the ones I don't have time for. If they are buying into every program that comes along, then they are not serious. One day, maybe they will have that Ah Ha moment. When they do, I'll be here. Until then, I will be working with those people who are ready to become leaders, and let the sheep graze in their vast meadow of mediocrity.

For the rest of you, I'll either walk along the path with you, or I'll be seeing you at the top of the hill. Either way, it is going to be an amazing journey. Remember, a Good Sheppard shouts out across the meadow from time to time. You never know when one may break away from the herd.
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