Friday, October 7, 2011

Leader Thinking

Alright boys and girls. To continue with the theme of the week, let's look at an example of the difference between Leader Thinking and Distributor Thinking. After all, the only real difference between them is how they think. The following is an example from Tom, "Big Al" Schreiter.

Imagine that you're driving along one day and a
green Mustang automobile almost forces you off the
road. The driver appears to be a young teenager
and he is obviously speeding. How do you feel?
What do you think about the driver?

If you answer honestly, you'll say:

 'I don't like that teenager. He's reckless and I
  almost had an accident. Someone should report him
  to the police and have him arrested.'

Later that day you get a call from the hospital.
It's from your son. Your son says, 'Hi. Just
wanted to let you know that the doctors said that
I'm going to be okay. I fell off my bike and
suffered a serious cut. I could have bled to death,
but fortunately a teenager in a green Mustang was
driving by. He picked me up and raced me to the
hospital just in time.'
What do you think about that teenage driver now?

We have all been programmed to react negatively to such an incident.  Fortunately, you can change your programming. If you are ready to think like a leader, let me know.
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