Friday, October 14, 2011

Leads Drone

There are a lot of lead generating systems out there. I will not name names, but you have seen them. While these systems are better than buying leads, they still have a habit of creating mindless drones. 

The biggest issue facing most of these lead generating systems is a lack of community. Sure, you can use some paid ads and pull massive amounts of untargeted leads, but if you are not building relationships, it is a house of cards. Even if a large percentage of these people did join you, which is unlikely, you better be prepared to build that relationship. 

1 on 1 is what makes the difference. Having training calls or webinars is a must, but if you are not working with people, 1 on 1, you will never develop leaders. You will have a group of distributors who have nothing tying them to you, and when the going gets tough, they will be gone.

If I had to pick just one piece of advice, and that were the only thing I could ever share, it would be this. Relationships are the key to retention. 

You may ask, "What if I have 100 people? I don't have time to talk to each one of them and coach them 1 on 1." How about when you get up to 1000 people? This is why it is so important to develop leaders. Nobody could keep up on their own. 

If you do not have a PROVEN DUPLICATABLE SYSTEM, then you might as well forget about it. Many of these "Lead Generating Systems" sound good, but how many businesses have really been built using that system. How long has this system been around? if some guy just came up with it last month, then how do you know if it's any good? You want something that is PROVEN and DUPLICATABLE. If you do not have both, don't expect much. 

But, don't worry. When your "System" crashes, I'll still be here. Shoot me an email, give me a call, message me on Facebook, or whatever method of communication works best for you. I'll be happy to show you what a real MLM Prospecting System looks like. Maybe you can even share it with the remnants of your team from that other thing and help them pick up the pieces too
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