Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Who is Your Target Market?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then most likely you are a network marketer. I know a few of you from the Syndication Elation group are not, but hopefully you can find something of value here. 

Regardless of your business, you must know your target market, and what they want. 

If you are selling a weight loss product, your target market is obviously people who are over weight. You would not target athletes. 

If you are selling women's shoes, you would not target male construction workers. 

If you are a network marketer, your target market is other networkers. You can always try to convert others, but this is a difficult sell. That is why the old "friends and family" method does not work. Those people in your existing warm market are not targeted. 

Now when speaking with other networkers, realize that most of them already have a company. Pitching your company to them is a complete waste of time. They want you to join them, and could care less about your company. We all know that most MLM companies do not last two years, but nobody ever thinks their company will not last.

The truth is, at least 3/4 of the people you talk to will be looking for a new company within a year. That also means that roughly 3 of every 4 people who read this post will be looking for a company within 12 months. I know what you are thinking, "Not me". I hope not, but you never really know.

So, given these facts, what good will it do to pitch each other on your respective businesses, then go your separate ways? When speaking to other networkers, be civil and stay in touch. At least one of you will be looking again soon. You could try making an agreement. If either of you, for any reason, is looking for a company one day, you are to contact each other first. Odds are it will almost never work out that way, but you never know. 

While that method may work once in a while, there is a method for matketing to other MLM'ers that has a much higher success rate. Give them what they need, more people to talk to. If done right, you will help a lot of people. Some will eventually join your business, but even if they do not, you have helped both them and yourself be able to talk to more qualified people. 

If you want to know more about how to market to networkers in this way, CONTACT ME and I will be glad to show you.
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