Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big MLM Tip - You Call That Personal Development?

I had an experience this morning that I feel compelled to share here. My wife, the school teacher, was telling me of a personal development book she was required to read for work. The shocker came when I asked her the title and she replied, "Teaching With Poverty". I could not believe that they are using a book with such a negative title as a personal development guide. 

It is not difficult to see what the author means by this title. It is obviously a book on how to teach children of low income homes, but the title is horrible. I'm sure the author was hoping to cash in on the emotion that arises from this title, and surely that has been the case. My question is, when looking for a book to study, for the purpose of personal development, why would you pick one that has such a heavy focus on the negative?

Personal development should focus on a positive mental attitude. For example, I belong to a study group that masterminds on one chapter a week from "Think and Grow Rich". Contrast this title, filled with positive terms, to the first example given. Do you see the difference? You are what you think about. If your focus is on a negative, then negative is what you will receive. But, focus on positives, and the reward will be great. 

Thinking of personal development in a manor such as the first example above misses the big picture. I am sure the book is filled with tons of good information, but there is far more to personal development than that. It should start with the right mindset, then relay solid information, and move on to how to apply that information. Without the mindset and action steps, the information is worthless. 

What does your personal development routine look like? If you'd like to join my discussion group, just shoot me an email. There is no cost, and you can just listen if you are not comfortable speaking up.
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