Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are You Always Thinking Positive?

Is every thought that passes between your ears, on a daily basis, a positive one? If you answered "Yes", you're only lying to yourself. We know the truth. Negative thoughts are going to creep in. It's a matter of how we handle them that makes ALL the difference. 

We hear a lot of talk in our industry about the power of positive thinking. Most every MLM Blog has posts on the topic. Countless book, eBooks, videos, webinars and conference calls have been devoted to the topic of positive thinking. 

Think about all of these instances you have seen. Have any of them even suggested that positive thinking was anything less than 100%? Now, do you really think that anyone alive, in this fallen world, could possibly maintain 100% positive thoughts? Me either. 

Well, I do know of one mention of positive thinking, only one, that sheds light on this dilemma. I share videos here from Randy Gage from time to time and this is one of my personal favorites. It is the first time I ever recall anyone mentioning that it is absurd to think anyone could never have a negative thought.
Enter the 51% Rule. 

If you are like most of us, you try to remain positive, but it can be discouraging when those negative thoughts creep in. Negativity breeds negativity. One negative thought creates discouragement, and therefore more negativity. But, there is hope. 

 The 51% Rule is so simple it's scary. Fully positive thought is not the goal. The goal is to reach 51% positive thoughts. This is the point in which real change starts to happen. But how do you get to this point?

Here is an idea. Every time, throughout the day, that a negative thought comes to mind, counter it with a positive one. Keep in mind that simply thinking of ice cream, a puppy, or anything else will not work. You must infuse these positive thoughts with emotion. Thinking of your first kiss, your wedding day, or the day your child was born could all be good ways to counteract negativity. 

Without emotion, these positive thoughts cannot reach the subconscious mind. They linger briefly in the conscious mind until something else draws it's focus. Since the conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time, that unemotional positive thought will be gone, never to return. 

I can tell you this works. I woke up this morning tired from having stayed up too late. I felt the negativity monster creeping in, and immediately went to that moment when my daughter was born. Before I knew it , I was dressed and ready to head out, and had not had another negative thought. 

Just remember, it's okay to have a negative thought. Don't beat yourself up over it. Replace it with a positive one and move on. 

Now, here is the video where Randy Gage presented this, and the inspiration for this post.
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