Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day #22 How's That Working for You?

Have you been trying to promote various affiliate programs? How's that working for you? 

I must admit, I spun my wheels trying to promote various affiliate products and referral programs. It wasn't until I got focused on a single business opportunity that I ever started seeing success. 

Sure, I was able to get referrals in several different programs, but the attrition rate was very high and the few who stuck around never did much. There certainly were no relationships being built. 

Without relationships, no referral based system has any hope. 

I even promoted a downline builder that was supposed to help you get referrals for several different revenue sharing social media sites. The downline builder script did not allow you to see your referrals' information. How can you build relationships with people you cannot even contact? Besides, these revenue sharing sites are not all they are hyped to be. 

Expect another post on revenue sharing social media later today.
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