Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: Sponsoring Mistakes - Closing the Sale

If you have ever worked in sales, you know the importance of closing the sale. You also know that it is the most difficult part of the sale even with a highly qualified and interested customer. 

People new to sales have the most trouble with closing. I sold cars for a short time years ago. My first two sales were going well, but the deal started lagging. At that time, my boss sent in a "closer". This guy was experienced and he closed both the deals. I thought I was doing well, and then the training wheels came off. I had made two sales in my first two days, then did not make another for almost 3 months. 

I tried other sales jobs over the years. I sold vacuum cleaners, milk delivery service and some retail. What I learned was, I am not a salesman. I will write a bit more on this topic soon, but suffice it to say, you do not need to be a salesman to be successful at network marketing. I am living proof of this. 

Want more proof? Download and read "Success in 10 Steps". All the secrets the so called "heavy hitters" of MLM don't want you to know are in here.
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