Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big MLM Tip of the Day: Sponsoring Mistakes - Using a "One Size Fits All" Presentation

I keep thinking back to my early days in network marketing. The "system" (and I use that word loosely) I was taught was to talk to everyone you know and set up an appointment to show them "The Plan". Even better, get them to one of the events at a hotel or restaurant where someone from your upline was showing "The Plan". 

The focus was always on the plan. This plan, as it were consisted of several parts: an overview of the network marketing concept, how the comp plan works, and a pitch about the company and their products. These presentations would sponsor some people, but they missed the main point. The focus was always on comp plan, company and product. 

The problem is, this type of presentation focuses on the wrong things. The first thing your prospects want to know is, can they do this and are you going to be there to help them. The company history is near the end their list of priorities, so why is so much time usually spent on this? 

The compensation plan ranks way down the list too. 

Bottom line, when you present your primary business to someone, you should always lead with you and your upline and how you are there to help. 

Tailoring your presentation to the personality type of your prospect will make a huge difference. I can show you how to determine a prospect's personality type within 2 minutes, and how to speak to them in term that will matter most. 

Start by downloading the eBook "Success in 10 Steps". After reading it, email or call me. My contact info is on the last page.
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