Monday, June 20, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Offline Prospecting - Printed Classified Ads

classified ad publications
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We touched on this topic a few days ago when we talked about online classified ads. Today we will discuss classified ad publications.

Whenever you are at a store, check the racks near the entrance to see what classified ad publications are there. Your local newspaper might be another option. 

Most of these classified ad publications have a website where you can post your ad or you can do it by phone. As a bonus, most list the ads on their site as well which increases the odds that people will see them. 

The cost to run ads is minimal, but it can add up if you are submitting multiple ads to multiple papers. Again, test with a couple first to see what kinds of results you get. Tweak headlines and ads to see what performs best. 

Phone numbers usually work best, but you can add a URL sometimes, especially if it will be added to teh online version of your ad. 

It's all about the ROI (Return On Investment). If it is working, keep it up. You can always expand to other markets in the future. As you start to get results, look for classified ad publications in neighboring cities or even states.

classified ad publications

classified ad publications

classified ad publications

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