Saturday, June 18, 2011

Big MLM Tip - Offline Prospecting - Retail Shops

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Take a drive around your town and see how many independent shops you see. These retail outlets are fertile ground for not only retailing, but recruiting. Are there any small locally owned convenience stores in your town? 

Get to know the people there, including the manager, and see if you can place a small display of product by their cash register. Some chain stores may allow this too, but most have corporate contracts with vendors and cannot accept other products. 

What about specialty shops? You could try to sell weight loss products at a local gym or maybe skin care products at a local salon. 

Just look at some of your products and think of where you might find something similar. Once you make a deal, put your displays out and let them know how much you want per unit. I advise this to be your cost to give the retailer room for mark up. You will be getting the credit for volume, so that is where you will make your money. 

Eventually, some of these shops will want to order their own product. Now you have a recurring retail customer, and eventually, some may become distributors. There is even a chance that the end consumer may want to become a distributor. 

If done well, retailing in this manner could generate enough income to allow you to quit your job and focus more time on building your residual income through sponsoring new distributors.  
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